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Trail Creek

1 bed · 1.5 bath · 1900 sq ft

We enjoyed building the home with modern lines for our clients.  The mixture of steel, plaster & reclaimed wood created some incredible details. It was a joy to spend our days working in the Paradise Valley, north of Yellowstone Park.


From the Owner

"Prior to finding the builder for our project we had researched Woodworks West and admired their work we had seen in both Livingston and Bozeman Montana.  Our project called for a great deal of custom woodworking and custom metal work.  Knowing the custom design of our home we knew picking the right builder was incredibly important.  After multiple meetings, I felt that Woodworks West would be perfect for this job and would have the expertise to combined the custom woodowork and metal work to meet our vision for our custom home.  The Woodworks West team exceeded my expectations.  The quality of the construction is outstanding and the woodworking throughout the home from reclaimed wood to custom walnut cabinets is beautiful.  As for the team, Will Lalich is a pleasure to work with.  He was always professional, personal and most importantly accessible throughout this project.  The entire Woodworks West team was incredibly talented, competent and were a pleasure to be around over the course of many months.   We are so happy with the finished project and I am so glad that we chose Woodworks West to put our architects’s design into a home that we will enjoy for many years to come."