K Street

3 bed · 2 1/2 bath · 1.5 kitchen ·2400 SQ FT

The clients goal was to create a home base for family and friends to enjoy all the activities that southwest Montana has to offer.  Their vision culminated in this contemporary home on the quiet side streets in the little fly fishing town of Livingston, Montana


From Peter-

K Street Guest House is our dream home in downtown Livingston Montana.  The success of the project was a result of a close collaboration among the homeowner, architect and builder (Woodworks West) wherein all parties respected each other’s talent, experience and professionalism.


To Will Lalich’s credit, owner of Woodworks West, he never crossed his bounds and challenged or disregarded the Architectural Plans; 21 pages with detailed notes and specifications.  This could have been a nightmare with a less experienced, substandard builder.  Will understood from the beginning that the house design reflected the talent and ego of the architect and vision of the homeowner making it possible to move forward and complete the project on time as promised.  My worst fear, especially since we were out-of-state most of the time during construction, was because builders are typically so price sensitive, that Woodworks West would unilaterally change the architect’s rainscreen cladding construction methods and go off the reservation with some 'clever' way of doing the same thing for less money.  Of course, there is no such thing, i.e. 'clever' ways of doing the same thing for less money, and it never happened!  As a result, we (as homeowners) were never put in an awkward position of arbitrating disagreements between builder and architect; having to resolve disputes with trade workers, building suppliers, city inspectors, or forced into or any unwelcomed comprises of any sort.


Woodworks West, it should be noted, has many value-added capabilities, example cabinet shop, few other builders in Southwest Montana can offer.  For example, we furnished Will Lalich with high resolution, color-accurate photographs (not included in Architectural Plans) of a Poggenpohl contemporary kitchen from Germany that we were in love with.  Initial kitchen design samples fell far short of vision and goal.  He never got frustrated with us, the homeowners; each new sample was a little better until finally it all came together.  The kitchen is stunning!  Incredible!!  Just like the photos!!! 


Woodworks West could have outsourced the kitchen design and billed us, the homeowner.  It wouldn’t have been a completely unreasonably thing to do and extra client charges are a common business practice.  Will Lalich never treated us like that and the point goes to the quality of his character and well-defined business values.


I hope someday you will visit us on K Street and see for yourself how good a builder Will Lalich and Woodworks West really is.  Give me a call anytime.


Peter Lami

326 South K Street

Livingston, MT   59047

(404) 405-5618 mobile

From Michelle-

In the Fall of 2014, we anxiously awaited bids on our dream, the building of a custom designed home in Livingston, Montana.  We were feeling very unsure given the constraints of exacting architectural plans, a tight budget and our desire for timely completion in the midst of a booming Montana real estate market.

Will Lalich, owner of Woodworks West, met with us to address all our questions.  We were very impressed with Will’s skills, professionalism, quiet confidence and ability to work well with a demanding architect and client. 

Nine months after hiring Woodworks West, we moved into our home and we are “over the moon” delighted with the results.  Under Will’s leadership, the crew of Woodworks West flawlessly built to the exacting architectural plans.  When details were unclear, Will consulted with the architect for clarification. The quality of our construction is flawless.

We were also extremely pleased with the creative side of Woodworks West.  We asked Will to replicate a high-end, sleek kitchen we had seen in a European showroom.  Will was very creative in executing on our desires using the capabilities of his custom woodworking shop.  We are thrilled with the outcome.

As we were out of state during construction, Will was very conscientious about providing us project updates and sending pictures so we could see the progress. 

Will Lalich is a tremendous leader and role model for his crew.  He has high expectations and maintains strict standards for the quality of work of his crew and subcontractors.  We cannot say enough about his work ethic as he works seven days a week to meet his self-imposed deadlines and keep his clients happy.

Because of Will Lalich and Woodworks West, our Montana dreams have come true.  We highly recommend Woodworks West for your building project.